How We Build

from vision to reality!

We are responsible for the entire process of building and selling exclusive apartments, and our success is based on the ability to manage a number of inter-connected activities within a given timeframe:

  • Finding the perfect location and purchasing the land plot
  • Securing all necessary permits to commence the construction
  • Securing the project financing via own capital as well as from reputed European banks
  • Management of the construction of the property via a team of dedicated engineers
  • Sale of the individual apartments via in-house sales agents and external real estate brokers

We build according to the latest global trends and often set new standards in the local, Croatian market. It is extremely important to us to not sacrifice functionality at the expense of aesthetics (and vice versa).

Our comprehensive expertise, integrated approach and experience within property development guarantees both the quality of the finalised apartment as well as our customers’ satisfaction.

All this will enable you to turn your dreams about your perfect home into reality!